Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 21. County Weed Control


7-22-2126. Embargo. (1) The board may establish embargo programs to reduce the spread of noxious weeds within the district or the introduction of noxious weeds into the district.

(2) The board shall establish a special embargo program for the movement of forage, as defined in 80-7-903, into or out of the county. The board may implement an embargo upon confirmation of a violation, based upon complaint investigations, requests for investigation by the department, or through county investigations, if the forage has not been certified by the state and is being sold as noxious weed seed free, as defined in 80-7-903.

(3) A person in possession of the forage that is not in compliance with Title 80, chapter 7, part 9, may not transport or dispose of the forage as noxious weed seed free that is subject to embargo until written permission is obtained from the board. If the forage that is subject to embargo meets the requirements of the state certification program and the department verifies compliance with the program, the board shall release the embargo. The forage may also be released if the board:

(a) verifies the guaranteed delivery back to the original producer, as defined in 80-7-903;

(b) approves burning or disposal of the forage; or

(c) approves other alternatives.

(4) The board shall report all embargoes issued and the final resolution of an embargo imposed pursuant to a violation of Title 80, chapter 7, part 9, to the department within 48 hours.

(5) The person in possession of forage subject to embargo shall comply with the conditions approved by the board within 30 days. If resolution is not accomplished, the board may condemn the forage and implement through its employees the conditions in this section. If the board proceeds with correction of these conditions after 30 days, all actual expenses incurred and documented by the board are payable by the producer unless the person in possession of the forage also has an interest in the forage.

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