Montana Code Annotated 2017



Part 3. Emergency Telephone System Account -- Usage

Next-Generation 9-1-1 Infrastructure Grants -- Criteria -- Rulemaking

10-4-309. (Temporary) Next-generation 9-1-1 infrastructure grants -- criteria -- rulemaking. (1) Money deposited in the next-generation 9-1-1 infrastructure account established in 10-4-308 may be expended by the department through a grant to a local government working with a private telecommunications provider for next-generation 9-1-1 infrastructure.

(2) For the purposes of 10-4-308 and this section, the following definitions apply:

(a) "ESInet" means an emergency services IP network. It includes the IP infrastructure on which independent application platforms and core functional processes are deployed.

(b) "IP" means internet protocol, or the method by which data are sent on the internet, or a communications protocol for computers connected to a network, especially the internet.

(c) "Next-generation 9-1-1 infrastructure" means a statewide ESInet, upgrades and replacement of existing selective routers with IP routers, and upgrades to all non-IP-capable public safety answering points for IP capability.

(3) In making grant awards under this section, the department shall give preference to local governments working with private telecommunications providers that the local government determines can most effectively implement infrastructure improvements.

(4) The department shall consult with and consider recommendations by the 9-1-1 advisory council established in 10-4-105 for awards made under this section.

(5) The department may adopt rules to administer the provisions of 10-4-308 and this section. The rules must ensure that all local governments are treated equitably and must include but are not limited to provisions regarding:

(a) applications;

(b) timelines;

(c) eligibility, including proof of eligibility;

(d) the procedure for establishing the priority of grant awards;

(e) the appeal process for grant applications that are denied; and

(f) disbursement of grant money to providers.

(6) Before September 1, 2018, the department shall report to the energy and telecommunications interim committee provided for in 5-5-230 on efforts to distribute grants in accordance with 10-4-308 and this section.

(7) Before September 1, 2019, the department shall produce a report summarizing the grants provided, how the grant money was spent, and the program data and information reported by grant recipients. The department shall provide the report to the energy and telecommunications interim committee. (Terminates October 1, 2019--sec. 32, Ch. 367, L. 2017.)

History: En. Sec. 11, Ch. 367, L. 2017.