Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. Procedure at Polling Place

Taking Ballot To Disabled Elector

13-13-118. Taking ballot to disabled elector. (1) An elector able to come to the premises where a polling place is located but unable to enter the polling place because of a disability may contact the election administrator prior to coming to the premises and request that a ballot be delivered to the elector outside the building where the polling place is located. The chief election judge shall appoint two election judges who, if possible, represent different political parties to take the ballot to the elector. The elector may request assistance in marking the ballot as provided in 13-13-119.

(2) The judges shall have the elector sign an oath form stating that the elector is entitled to vote and shall write in the precinct register by the elector's name "voted on the premises by oath" and sign their names.

(3) When the ballot or ballots are marked, the judges shall place each ballot in a secrecy sleeve and immediately take the ballot into the polling place and give the ballot to the judge at the ballot box. Any challenge to the elector's right to vote must be resolved as provided in Title 13, chapter 13, part 3.

History: En. Sec. 111, Ch. 571, L. 1979; amd. Sec. 46, Ch. 56, L. 2009; amd. Sec. 34, Ch. 242, L. 2011; amd. Sec. 23, Ch. 336, L. 2013; amd. Sec. 12, Ch. 61, L. 2021.