Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. Procedure at Polling Place

Method Of Voting

13-13-117. Method of voting. (1) (a) After marking the precinct register pursuant to 13-13-115 and receiving a ballot, an elector shall immediately retire to a voting station and prepare the elector's ballot in the manner prescribed in the instructions provided pursuant to 13-13-112.

(b) An elector who spoils the elector's ballot must be provided with another ballot in place of the spoiled ballot.

(2) (a) After the elector has completed voting, the elector shall ensure the proper disposition of the elector's ballot in accordance with instructions provided pursuant to 13-13-112.

(b) An election judge or voting system shall place the ballot in the ballot box immediately without allowing anyone to examine the ballot. Nothing other than a ballot may be put in a ballot box.

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