Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Preelection Procedure

Written Plan For Conduct Of Election -- Amendments -- Approval Procedures

13-19-205. Written plan for conduct of election -- amendments -- approval procedures. (1) The election administrator shall prepare a written plan for the conduct of each election to be conducted by mail and shall submit the plan to the secretary of state in a manner that ensures that it is received at least 60 days prior to the date set for the election. There must be a separate plan for each type of election held even if held on the same day.

(2) The written plan must include:

(a) a timetable for the election;

(b) a plan for providing voter interface devices as required in 13-3-208; and

(c) sample written instructions that will be sent to the electors. The instructions must include but are not limited to:

(i) information on the estimated amount of postage required to return the ballot;

(ii) (A) the location of the places of deposit and the days and times when ballots may be returned to the places of deposit, if the information is available; or

(B) if the information on location and hours of places of deposit is not available, a section that will allow the information to be added before the instructions are mailed to electors; and

(iii) any applicable instructions specified under 13-13-214(4).

(3) The plan may be amended by the election administrator at any time prior to the 35th day before election day by notifying the secretary of state in writing of any changes.

(4) Within 5 days of receiving the plan and as soon as possible after receiving any amendments, the secretary of state shall approve, disapprove, or recommend changes to the plan or amendments.

(5) When the written plan and any amendments have been approved, the election administrator shall proceed to conduct the election according to the approved plan unless the election is cancelled for any reason provided by law.

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