Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Preelection Procedure

Distributing Materials To Electors -- Procedure

13-19-206. Distributing materials to electors -- procedure. For each election conducted under this chapter, the election administrator shall:

(1) mail a single packet to every qualified elector of the political subdivision conducting the election;

(2) ensure that each packet contains only one each of the following:

(a) an official ballot for each type of election being held on the specified election day;

(b) a secrecy envelope;

(c) a signature envelope; and

(d) complete written instructions, as approved by the secretary of state pursuant to 13-19-205, for mail ballot voting procedures;

(3) ensure that each packet is:

(a) addressed to a single individual elector at the most current address available from the official registration records; and

(b) deposited in the United States mail with sufficient postage for it to be delivered to the elector's address; and

(4) mail the packet in a manner that conforms to postal regulations to require the return, not forwarding, of undelivered packets.

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