Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. Migratory Personal Property

Personal Property Brought Into State -- Assessment -- Exceptions -- Custom Combine Equipment

15-24-301. Personal property brought into state -- assessment -- exceptions -- custom combine equipment. (1) Except as provided in subsections (2) through (6), the following property is subject to taxation and assessment for all taxes levied that year in the county in which it is located:

(a) personal property, excluding livestock, brought into this state at any time during the year that is used in the state for hire, compensation, or profit;

(b) property belonging to an owner or user who is engaged in a gainful occupation or business enterprise in the state; or

(c) property that becomes a part of the general property of the state.

(2) The taxes on this property are levied in the same manner, except as otherwise provided, as though the property had been in the county on the regular assessment date, provided that the property has not been regularly assessed for the year in another county of the state.

(3) This section does not levy a tax against a merchant or dealer within this state on goods, wares, or merchandise brought into the county to replenish the stock of the merchant or dealer.

(4) Except as provided in 15-6-217, a motor vehicle that is brought into this state by a nonresident person temporarily employed in Montana and used exclusively for transportation of the person is subject to registration under 61-3-701.

(5) Agricultural harvesting machinery classified as class eight property under 15-6-138, licensed in another state, and operated on the land of a person other than the owner of the machinery under a contract for hire is subject to a fee in lieu of tax of $35 for each machine for the calendar year in which the fee is collected. The machinery is subject to taxation under 15-6-138 only if the machinery is sold in Montana.

(6) This section does not levy a tax on farm implements as defined in 30-11-801 or construction equipment as defined in 30-11-901 that is brought into the state under a purchase incentive rental program as defined in 15-6-202(4). The property is subject to taxation under 15-6-138 only if the property is sold in Montana or otherwise disposed of in the state.

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