Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Tax on Contractors

Withholding License Fee From Payments -- Refunds

15-50-206. Withholding license fee from payments -- refunds. (1) The prime contractor shall withhold the 1% license fee from payments to subcontractors and inform the department on prescribed forms of the amount of the 1% license fee in the prime contractor's account to be allocated and transferred to the subcontractor. The notification to transfer portions of the 1% license fee must be filed within 30 days after each payment is made to subcontractors. If any prime contractor fails to file the required allocation and transfer report at the time required under the provisions of this chapter, a penalty computed at the rate of 10% of the 1% license fee withheld from subcontractors is due from the prime contractor.

(2) The state, county, city, or any agency or department of the state, county, or city for whom the contractor is performing public work shall withhold, in addition to other amounts withheld as provided by law, 1% of all payments due the contractor and shall transmit that money to the department. If the 1% of gross receipts, as defined in 15-50-101, is not withheld as provided, the contractor shall make payment of these amounts to the department within 30 days after the date on which the contractor receives each increment of payment for work performed by the contractor.

(3) Any overpayment of the 1% of gross receipts, as defined in 15-50-101, withheld or paid by any contractor must be refunded by the department at the end of the income year upon written application.

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