Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Tax on Contractors

Credit Against Other Taxes -- Credit For Personal Property Taxes And Certain Fees

15-50-207. Credit against other taxes -- credit for personal property taxes and certain fees. (1) (a) The additional license fees withheld or otherwise paid as provided in this chapter may be used as a credit on the contractor's corporate income tax provided for in chapter 31 of this title or on the contractor's income tax provided for in chapter 30, depending upon the type of tax the contractor is required to pay under the laws of the state.

(b) The credit allowed under this subsection (1) may be used as a carryforward against taxes imposed by chapter 30 or 31 for the 5 succeeding tax years. The entire amount of the credit not used in the year earned must be carried first to the earliest tax year in which the credit may be applied and then to each succeeding tax year.

(2) Personal property taxes and the fee in lieu of tax on buses, trucks having a manufacturer's rated capacity of more than 1 ton, or truck tractors, as provided in 61-3-529, and the registration fee on light vehicles, as provided in 61-3-321(2) and 61-3-562, paid in Montana on any personal property or vehicle of the contractor that is used in the business of the contractor and is located within this state may be credited against the license fees required under this chapter. However, in computing the tax credit allowed by this section against the contractor's income tax or corporate income tax, the tax credit against the license fees required under this chapter may not be considered as license fees paid for the purpose of the income tax or corporate income tax credit.

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