Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Investments

Preference To In-State Investment Firms -- Commitment Agreement With Board Of Housing

17-6-211. Preference to in-state investment firms -- commitment agreement with board of housing. (1) The board of investments shall endeavor to direct its portion of the state's investment business to those investment firms and/or financial institutions which maintain offices in the state and thereby make contributions to the state economy. Further, due consideration shall be given to investments which will benefit the smaller communities in the state. The state's investment business will be directed to out-of-state firms only when there is a distinct economic advantage to the state of Montana.

(2) The board may enter into a commitment agreement with the board of housing at the time of an issue of bonds or notes by the board of housing providing for the purchase at a specified future date, not to exceed 15 years from the date of the issue, of all or any portion of the amount of mortgage loans purchased with the proceeds of the issue. The board of investments may charge reasonable fees for any commitment and may agree to purchase the mortgage loans on terms that in the judgment of the board of investments provide a fair market rate of return to the purchasers.

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