Montana Code Annotated 2017



Part 2. Investments

State Purchase Of General Fund Warrants

17-6-212. State purchase of general fund warrants. (1) The state reserves a preference right, prior to the right of any person, company, or corporation, to purchase state general fund warrants issued with funds under the control of the board of investments and subject to investment.

(2) When the board of investments has under its control any funds subject to investment that in its judgment it would be advantageous to invest in state general fund warrants and there are not sufficient funds in the state general fund to pay warrants issued against the fund at the time that they are issued and presented for payment, it shall authorize and direct the state treasurer to purchase state general fund warrants, designating the fund or funds to be invested and fixing the amount or amounts to be invested. State general fund warrants registered by the state treasurer pursuant to 17-8-304(1) and purchased by the board of investments must bear interest at a rate determined by the board. When determining the interest rate, the board shall consider:

(a) the duration of the investment by estimating the time at which the warrants will be redeemed pursuant to 17-8-304(1); and

(b) the interest rate of the investments liquidated to provide the funds to purchase the warrants.

(3) The state treasurer shall attach to or stamp, write, or print upon each general fund warrant issued after the receipt of notice, until warrants totaling the amounts designated have been issued, a notice that the state will exercise its preference right to purchase the warrant.

(4) The state treasurer shall, when the marked warrant is presented, pay it out of the proper fund as designated by the board, and the warrant purchased must be registered as other state warrants and must bear interest as provided by law.

(5) When the designated amounts have been invested, the department shall notify the board of investments, which shall issue orders for warrants to be issued in favor of the treasurer.

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