Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 3. Montana In-State Investment

Economic Development Loan -- Infrastructure Tax Credit

17-6-316. Economic development loan -- infrastructure tax credit. (1) A loan made pursuant to 17-6-309(2) must be used to build infrastructure, as provided for in 7-15-4288(4), such as water systems, sewer systems, water treatment facilities, sewage treatment facilities, and roads, that allows the location or creation of a business in Montana. The loan must be made to a local government or an Indian tribal government that will create the necessary infrastructure. The infrastructure may serve as collateral for the loan. The local government or Indian tribal government receiving the loan may charge fees to the users of the infrastructure. A loan repayment agreement must provide for repayment of the loan from the entity authorized to charge fees for the use of the services of the infrastructure. Loans made pursuant to 17-6-309(2) qualify for the job credit interest rate reductions under 17-6-318 if the interest rate reduction passes through to the business creating the jobs.

(2) A loan pursuant to 17-6-309(2) and this section may not be made until the board is satisfied that the condition in 17-6-309(2) will be met. If the condition contained in 17-6-309(2) is not met, any credits received pursuant to subsection (3) of this section must be returned to the state.

(3) A business that is created or expanded as the result of a loan made pursuant to 17-6-309(2) and subsection (1) of this section is entitled to a credit against taxes due under Title 15, chapter 30 or 31, for the portion of the fees attributable to the use of the infrastructure. The total amount of tax credit claimed may not exceed the amount of the loan. The credit may be carried forward for 7 tax years or carried back for 3 tax years.

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