Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. Budget Systems and Program Plans

Legislative Action -- Ending Fund Balance

17-7-131. Legislative action -- ending fund balance. (1) The presiding officers of the house of representatives and of the senate shall promptly refer the budgets and budget bills to the proper committees. The budget bill for the maintenance of the agencies of state government and the state institutions must be based upon the budget and proposed budget bill submitted at the request of the governor. The legislature may amend the proposed budget bill, but it may not amend the proposed budget bill so as to affect either the obligations of the state or the payment of any salaries required to be paid by the constitution and laws of the state.

(2) The adopted budget must be limited so that a positive ending general fund balance exists at the end of the biennium for which funds are appropriated.

(3) When possible, the adopted budget should be limited so that the ending fund balance of the general fund is greater than or equal to the amount of the operating reserve.

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