Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Long-Range Building Program and Budget

Capital Development Funding -- Transfer As Present Law Base

17-7-208. Capital development funding -- transfer as present law base. (1) As part of the executive budget prepared pursuant to 17-7-123, the governor shall propose annual transfers from the general fund into the account established in 17-7-209. Except as provided in subsection (2), the amount of the proposed annual transfers are considered present law and must be equal to 1% of the amount of the certified unaudited state general fund revenue, including transfers into the general fund, as determined by the state treasurer on or before August 15 of the year preceding a legislative session less the:

(a) general fund debt service anticipated by the office of budget and program planning for each year of the biennium for issued general obligation bonds paid from the general fund as set forth in the state budget pursuant to 17-5-802; and

(b) projected general fund debt service for each year of the biennium for general obligation bonds paid from the general fund proposed in the executive budget.

(2) The governor may propose to reduce or increase the amount of the annual transfers proposed pursuant to subsection (1). Any proposed increase or decrease to the amount required in subsection (1) must be included in the executive budget request as a new proposal.

(3) The legislature may appropriate funds in the general appropriations act for transfer into the account established in 17-7-209 from the general fund for capital development projects based on the state fiscal condition.

(4) The appropriated transfer to the account established in 17-7-209 to fund capital developments is part of the base budget for purposes of Title 17, chapter 7, part 1.

(5) The department of administration shall transfer the annual amount appropriated by the legislature from the general fund to the capital developments long-range building program account established in 17-7-209 by August 15 of each fiscal year except as provided in subsection (6).

(6) The department of administration may not make the annual transfer if the executive has authorized transfers from the budget stabilization reserve fund established in 17-7-130 in the immediately preceding 11 months or if the transfer would result in reductions pursuant to 17-7-140.

(7) This section does not limit the ability of the legislature to authorize general obligation bonds or the board of examiners to issue and sell bonds authorized by previous legislatures and has no effect on the pledge or security for general obligation bonds.

History: En. Sec. 4, Ch. 469, L. 2019.