Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 3. School District Trustees

Information On Educational Opportunities -- Duties Of Trustees

20-3-326. Information on educational opportunities -- duties of trustees. (1) The board of trustees of a school district shall develop, update, and annually provide to students and families of the district information on the educational opportunities available through the schools of the district. The information must align to the legislative intent of preserving and protecting the right to access personalized learning as set forth in 20-7-1601 and must be designed to empower families in understanding the options available to them in partnering with schools to develop their child's full educational potential. A school board may satisfy its obligation through the use of model resources developed by an organization of school boards of which the school board is a member.

(2) The information provided under subsection (1) must include, at a minimum, the following educational and extracurricular opportunities:

(a) evaluation and identification of children with disabilities and special education programs beginning at age 3 pursuant to 20-7-411;

(b) early literacy targeted interventions pursuant to 20-7-1801 through 20-7-1804;

(c) part-time enrollment of a student who is otherwise enrolled at a nonpublic or home school pursuant to 20-5-101;

(d) admission to a school of a district beginning at age 5 pursuant to 20-5-101, and the option to enroll a child in a half-time kindergarten program pursuant to 20-7-117;

(e) proficiency-based learning and other forms of personalized learning pursuant to 20-7-1601, including options for obtaining course equivalency and course waiver determinations from the board of trustees pursuant to 20-3-324(18);

(f) participation in extracurricular activities, including participation by nonpublic and home school students pursuant to 20-5-112;

(g) access to remote instruction, including through the Montana digital academy pursuant to Title 20, chapter 7, part 12, and through other school districts as provided in 20-7-118;

(h) out-of-district attendance pursuant to Title 20, chapter 5, part 3;

(i) availability of funding to support student access to advanced opportunities, if applicable to a district pursuant to 20-7-1506;

(j) career and technical education pursuant to Title 20, chapter 7, part 3, including the attainment of industry-recognized credentials and work-based learning, pursuant to 20-7-1510;

(k) early college, dual enrollment, and running start opportunities, pursuant to 20-9-706; and

(l) other opportunities for school-age children through Montana public schools that:

(i) support the development of a child's full educational potential;

(ii) assist in reducing the costs of postsecondary education and workforce preparation; and

(iii) foster life success.

(3) The legislature intends that boards of trustees and organizations of boards of trustees communicate and collaborate with the education interim committee to demonstrate the implementation of the requirements of this section and to identify additional opportunities following legislative sessions.

History: En. Sec. 3, Ch. 693, L. 2023; amd. Sec. 7, Ch. 693, L. 2023.