Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 5. Special Purpose Funds

Budgeting, Tax Levy, And Use Of Building Reserve Fund

20-9-503. Budgeting, tax levy, and use of building reserve fund. (1) Whenever an annual building reserve authorization to budget is available to a district, the trustees shall include the authorized amount in the building reserve fund of the final budget. The county superintendent shall report the amount as the building reserve fund levy requirement to the county commissioners by the later of the first Tuesday in September or within 30 calendar days after receiving certified taxable values, and a levy on the district must be made by the county commissioners in accordance with 20-9-142.

(2) The trustees of any district maintaining a building reserve fund may:

(a) pledge the revenue from the building reserve fund levy for up to 15 years to repay loans used only for projects authorized by the electors of the district pursuant to 20-9-502.

(b) expend money from the fund for the purpose or purposes for which it was authorized without the specific expenditures being included in the final budget when, in their discretion, there is a sufficient amount of money to begin the authorized projects. The expenditures may not invalidate the district's authority to continue the annual imposition of the building reserve taxation authorized by the electors of the district.

(3) Whenever there is money credited to the building reserve fund for which there is no immediate need, the trustees may invest the money in accordance with 20-9-213(4). The interest earned from the investment must be credited to the building reserve fund or the debt service fund, at the discretion of the trustees, and expended for any purpose authorized by law for the fund.

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