Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 5. Special Purpose Funds

Extracurricular Fund For Pupil Functions

20-9-504. Extracurricular fund for pupil functions. (1) The trustees of a district may establish an extracurricular fund for the purposes of receiving and expending money collected for pupil extracurricular functions. All extracurricular money of a pupil organization of the school must be deposited and expended by check from a bank account maintained for the extracurricular fund.

(2) An accounting system for the extracurricular fund recommended by the superintendent of public instruction must be implemented by the trustees. The accounting system must provide for:

(a) the internal control of the cash receipts and expenditures of the money; and

(b) a general account that can be reconciled with the bank account for the extracurricular fund and reconciled with the detailed accounts within the extracurricular fund maintained for each student function.

(3) The trustees may invest any excess money in the extracurricular fund in accordance with the provisions of 20-9-213(4). Interest earned as a result of the investments may either be:

(a) credited to a general operating account within the fund to be used to offset expenses incurred in administering the fund; or

(b) distributed to the fund from which the money was withdrawn for investment.

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