Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 7. Educational Cooperative Agreements

Joint Interstate School Agreements

20-9-705. Joint interstate school agreements. (1) The trustees of any district adjacent to another state may enter into a contract with a school district in such adjoining state to provide for the joint erection, operation, and maintenance of school facilities for both districts upon such terms and conditions as may be mutually agreed to by such districts and as are in accord with this section. Any such contract proposed for adoption by the trustees shall be in the form and contain only terms that may be prescribed by the superintendent of public instruction, and any such contract shall be approved by the superintendent of public instruction before it is considered by the electors of the district.

(2) Before any contract negotiated under the provisions of this section shall be executed, the trustees shall call an election under the provisions of 20-20-201 and submit to the qualified electors of the district the proposition that such contract be approved and that the trustees execute such contract. No agreement shall be valid until it has been approved at an election. The electors at the election shall be qualified to vote under the provisions of 20-20-301, and the election shall be conducted under the school election provisions of this title. The ballot for the election shall be substantially in the following form:



Shall the trustees of this district be authorized and directed to execute the proposed contract with school district number .... of .... County, state of ...., for the purpose of (insert the purpose of such contract)?

☐ FOR execution of contract.

☐ AGAINST execution of contract.

(3) The trustees of any district executing a contract under this section shall have the power and authority to levy taxes and issue bonds for the purpose of erecting and maintaining the facilities authorized by this section. Furthermore, the facilities erected or maintained under this section may be located in either Montana or the adjoining state.

History: En. 75-7308 by Sec. 363, Ch. 5, L. 1971; R.C.M. 1947, 75-7308.