Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. Authorization of Insurers

Issuance Or Refusal Of Certificate Of Authority -- State Ownership Of Certificate

33-2-116. Issuance or refusal of certificate of authority -- state ownership of certificate. (1) If upon completion of an insurer's application for a certificate of authority the commissioner finds that the insurer has met the requirements for a certificate of authority under this code, the commissioner shall issue to the insurer a proper certificate of authority. If the commissioner does not find that the insurer is entitled to a certificate of authority, the commissioner shall issue an order refusing to issue a certificate. The commissioner shall act upon an application for a certificate of authority within 180 days after its completion.

(2) The certificate, if issued, must specify the kind or kinds of insurance the insurer is authorized to transact in Montana. At the insurer's request, the commissioner may issue a certificate of authority limited to particular types of insurance or insurance coverages within the scope of a kind of insurance as defined in 33-1-205 through 33-1-212.

(3) Although issued to the insurer, the certificate of authority is at all times the property of the state of Montana. Upon any expiration or termination of the certificate of authority, the insurer shall promptly destroy the certificate.

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