Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. Authorization of Insurers

Renewal, Expiration, Reinstatement, And Amendment Of Certificate Of Authority

33-2-117. Renewal, expiration, reinstatement, and amendment of certificate of authority. (1) A certificate of authority issued or renewed under this code must continue in force as long as the insurer is entitled under this code and until suspended, revoked, or otherwise terminated. A certificate is subject to renewal by the insurer each year by payment on or prior to March 1 of the fee provided for in 33-2-708.

(2) If not continued by the insurer, the certificate of authority expires at midnight on May 31 following failure of the insurer to continue it in force. The commissioner shall promptly notify the insurer of its failure to pay the fee that can result in the expiration of its certificate of authority.

(3) The commissioner may reinstate a certificate of authority that the insurer has inadvertently permitted to expire after the insurer cures any failures resulting in expiration and upon payment of a fee of $100 for reinstatement. Otherwise, the insurer may be granted another certificate of authority only after filing an application and meeting all other requirements for an original certificate of authority in this state.

(4) The commissioner may amend a certificate of authority at any time to accord with changes in the insurer's charter of insuring powers.

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