Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 12. Insurance Producer and Consultant Continuing Education Act

Review And Approval Of Continuing Education Courses By Commissioner -- Advisory Council

33-17-1204. Review and approval of continuing education courses by commissioner -- advisory council. (1) The commissioner shall, after review by and at the recommendations of the advisory council established under subsection (2), approve only those continuing education courses, lectures, seminars, and instructional programs that the commissioner determines would improve the product knowledge, management, ethics, or marketing capability of the licensee. Course content, instructors, material, instructional format, and the sponsoring organization must be approved and periodically reviewed by the commissioner. The fee for approval of a course, lecture, seminar, or instructional program is listed in 33-2-708(2). The commissioner shall also determine the number of credit hours to be awarded for completion of an approved continuing education activity.

(2) The commissioner shall appoint an advisory council, pursuant to 2-15-122, consisting of at least one representative of the independent insurance agents of Montana, one representative of the national association of insurance and financial advisors - Montana, one representative of the professional insurance agents of Montana, one representative of the Montana state adjusters association, one title insurance producer, two public members who are not directly employed by the insurance industry, one insurance producer or consultant not affiliated with any of the three listed organizations, and a nonvoting presiding officer from the department who will be appointed by the commissioner as a representative of the department. The members of the council shall serve a term of 2 years, except that the initial term of the representative from each organization is 3 years. The commissioner shall consult with the council in formulating rules and standards for the approval of continuing education activities and prior to approving specific education activities. The provisions of 2-15-122(9) and (10) do not apply to this council.

(3) In conducting periodic review of course content, instructors, material, instructional format, or a sponsoring organization, the commissioner may exercise any investigative power of the commissioner provided for in 33-1-311 or 33-1-315.

(4) If after review or investigation the commissioner determines an approved continuing education activity is not being operated in compliance with the standards established under this section, the commissioner may revoke approval, place the activity under probationary approval, or issue a cease and desist order under 33-1-318.

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