Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Operations

Applicable Laws

33-28-207. Applicable laws. (1) The following apply to captive insurance companies:

(a) the definitions of commissioner and department provided in 33-1-202, property insurance provided in 33-1-210, casualty insurance provided in 33-1-206, life insurance provided in 33-1-208, health insurance coverage and group health plans provided in 33-22-140, and disability income insurance provided in 33-1-235;

(b) the limitation provided in 33-2-705 on the imposition of other taxes;

(c) the provisions relating to supervision, rehabilitation, and liquidation of insurance companies as provided for in Title 33, chapter 2, part 13;

(d) the provisions of 33-1-311, 33-1-604 through 33-1-606, 33-2-112, 33-3-431, 33-18-201, 33-18-203, and 33-18-205;

(e) 33-18-242 only applies to captive risk retention group insurers;

(f) the provisions relating to dissolution and liquidation in Title 33, chapter 3, part 6, except that a pure captive insurance company may proceed with voluntary dissolution and liquidation after prior notice to and approval of the commissioner without following the provisions of Title 33, chapter 3, part 6; and

(g) the authority of the commissioner under 33-2-701(6) to impose a fine for failure to timely file an annual statement, except that the annual statement requirements in 33-28-107 apply.

(2) This chapter may not be construed as exempting a captive insurance company, its parent, or affiliated companies from compliance with the laws governing workers' compensation insurance.

(3) A captive insurance company or branch captive insurance company that writes health insurance coverage or group health plans as defined in 33-22-140 shall comply with applicable state and federal laws.

(4) The following provisions apply to captive risk retention groups:

(a) those relating to actuarial opinions in Title 33, chapter 1, part 14;

(b) those relating to risk-based capital in Title 33, chapter 2, part 19; and

(c) those relating to insurance holding company systems in Title 33, chapter 2, part 11.

(5) Except as expressly provided in this chapter, the provisions of Title 33 do not apply to captive insurance companies.

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