Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 4. Licensing

Trainee License

37-16-405. Trainee license. (1) An applicant who fulfills the requirements of 37-16-402 and who has not previously applied to take a practical examination may apply to the board for a trainee license.

(2) On receiving an application under subsection (1), accompanied by a fee fixed by the board and verification that the applicant has passed the written portion of the examination with a passing score as determined by board rule, the board shall issue a trainee license that entitles the applicant to engage in a training period during which the applicant shall work under the direct supervision of the sponsoring licensed hearing aid dispenser. During this time the applicant may do the testing necessary for proper selection and fitting of hearing aids and related devices and make necessary impressions. However, the delivery and final fitting of the hearing aid and related devices must be made by the trainee and the supervisor.

(3) A trainee license may not be issued unless the board has on file an unrevoked statement from a qualified licensed hearing aid dispenser accepting responsibility for the trainee. Every licensed hearing aid dispenser supervising a trainee license holder shall submit a report every 90 days of the trainee's activities and training assignments, on forms furnished by the board. The supervisor is responsible for all hearing aid fittings of the trainee. A supervisor may terminate any responsibilities to the trainee by mailing a written notice by certified mail to the board and the trainee.

(4) The trainee license terminates 1 year after issuance or after the trainee passes the practical examination, whichever occurs first.

(5) Upon completion of 1,000 hours of supervised training, the trainee is eligible to take the practical examination.

(6) A trainee who does not complete 1,000 hours of supervised training before the trainee license terminates may be issued a second trainee license upon making application and paying the appropriate fee. The hours of training obtained under the first trainee license must be carried forward.

(7) A trainee who fails the practical examination may continue to practice under direct supervision until the trainee license terminates. A second trainee license may not be issued. Termination of the trainee license and cessation of the authority to practice do not preclude a person from retaking the practical examination upon payment of the appropriate fees.

(8) Upon passing the practical examination, a trainee may submit an application for a hearing aid dispenser license with the appropriate fee and a hearing aid dispenser license must be issued.

(9) A licensed hearing aid dispenser who sponsors a trainee is directly responsible and accountable under the disciplinary authority of the board for the conduct of the trainee as if the conduct were the licensee's own.

(10) For the purposes of this section, "direct supervision" means the direct and regular observation and instruction of a trainee by a licensed hearing aid dispenser who is available at the same location for prompt consultation and treatment.

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