Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 4. Licensing

Admission Of Licensees From Other States

37-16-406. Admission of licensees from other states. When the board determines that another state or jurisdiction has requirements equivalent to or higher than those in effect under this chapter for the practice of dispensing, fitting, and selling hearing aids and that the state or jurisdiction has a program equivalent to or stricter than the program for determining whether applicants under this chapter are qualified to sell, dispense, and fit hearing aids, the board may authorize the department to issue a license to applicants who hold current, unsuspended, and unrevoked licenses to fit, dispense, and sell hearing aids in the other state or jurisdiction. An applicant for a license under this section is not required to take the practical or written examination but is required to:

(1) pay the fee provided for in 37-16-402;

(2) take a test of the applicant's knowledge of the provisions of Title 37, chapter 16, and applicable rules; and

(3) comply with all other requirements of this chapter.

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