Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 11. Employer Contributions

Computation Of Payments In Lieu Of Contributions

39-51-1125. Computation of payments in lieu of contributions. (1) Employers electing to make payments in lieu of contributions under 39-51-1103 shall pay into the unemployment insurance fund established in 39-51-401 an amount equivalent to the full amount of regular benefits plus the state's share of extended benefits paid to individuals based on wages paid by the employing unit. Governmental entities shall pay the full amount of extended benefits.

(2) When the base period wages of an individual include wages from more than one employer, the amount to be paid into the unemployment insurance fund with respect to the benefits paid to the individual must be prorated among the liable employers in proportion to the wages paid to the individual by each employer during the base period.

(3) The amount of payment required from employers must be ascertained by the department monthly and becomes due and payable by the employer quarterly as directed in this chapter. Penalty and interest for delinquency must be assessed to employers as specified in 39-51-1301.

(4) Subject to the provisions of 39-51-605, a payment may not be required under this section with respect to benefits paid to an individual if the qualified employer continues to provide employment to the individual without a reduction in hours or wages.

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