Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 5. Uninsured Employers

Lien For Payment Of Unpaid Penalties, Fees, And Interest -- Levy And Execution

39-71-506. Lien for payment of unpaid penalties, fees, and interest -- levy and execution. (1) (a) If, upon demand of the department, an uninsured employer refuses to make the payments to the fund that are provided for in 39-71-504(1)(a), (1)(c), and (2), the unpaid penalties, fees, and interest have the effect of a judgment against the employer at the time the payments become due. After issuing an order to the uninsured employer requiring payment of penalties, fees, and interest and after the due process requirements of 39-71-2401(2) and (3) are satisfied, the department may issue a certificate setting forth the amount of payment due and direct the clerk of the district court of any county in the state to enter the certificate as a judgment on the docket pursuant to 25-9-301. From the time the judgment is entered on the docket, it becomes a lien upon all real property of the uninsured employer. The department may enforce the judgment at any time within 10 years of creation of the lien.

(b) A judgment lien filed pursuant to this section may be renewed for another 10-year period upon motion of the lienholder or by a judgment for that purpose.

(2) The department may settle through compromise with an uninsured employer the amount due the fund under subsection (1).

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