Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 20. Juvenile Delinquency Intervention Act

Establishment Of Program -- Office Of Court Administrator Duties

41-5-2003. Establishment of program -- office of court administrator duties. (1) There is a juvenile delinquency intervention program. Each judicial district shall participate in the program.

(2) The office of court administrator and the judicial district shall monitor the judicial district's annual allocation provided for in 41-5-130 to ensure that the judicial district does not exceed its allocation.

(3) The office of court administrator shall provide technical assistance to each judicial district for the monitoring of its annual allocation.

(4) The office of court administrator shall assist each youth court in developing placement alternatives and community intervention and prevention programs and services.

(5) (a) Each fiscal year, the office of court administrator may select out-of-home placements, programs, and services to be evaluated for their effectiveness in achieving the purposes provided in 41-5-2002. The cost containment review panel shall provide recommendations to the office on out-of-home placements, programs, and services to be evaluated and on the scope of the evaluation. Before conducting any evaluation, the office shall obtain approval from the district court council established in 3-1-1602.

(b) The office shall report the results of any evaluation conducted under subsection (5)(a) to the department, cost containment review panel, district court council, and biennially to the law and justice interim committee in accordance with 5-11-210.

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