Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Department of Public Health and Human Services

Powers And Duties Of Department

53-2-201. Powers and duties of department. (1) The department shall:

(a) administer and supervise public assistance, including the provision of food stamps, food commodities, cash assistance and nonfinancial assistance, as defined in 53-2-902, energy assistance, weatherization, vocational rehabilitation, services for persons with severe disabilities, developmental disability services, medical care payments in behalf of recipients of public assistance, employment and training services for recipients of public assistance, and other programs as necessary to strengthen and preserve families;

(b) give consultant service to private institutions providing care for adults who are needy, indigent, or dependent or who have disabilities;

(c) cooperate with other state agencies and develop provisions for services to the blind, including the prevention of blindness, the location of blind persons, medical services for eye conditions, and vocational guidance and training of the blind;

(d) organize and supervise the local offices of public assistance in an efficient and economical manner;

(e) assist and cooperate with other state and federal departments, bureaus, agencies, and institutions, when requested, by performing services in conformity with public assistance purposes;

(f) administer all state and federal funds allocated to the department for public assistance and do all things necessary, in conformity with federal and state law, for the proper fulfillment of public assistance purposes;

(g) make rules governing payment for services and supplies provided to recipients of public assistance; and

(h) adopt rules regarding assignment of monetary and medical support upon application for cash assistance, as defined in 53-2-902, and related medical assistance.

(2) The department may:

(a) purchase, exchange, condemn, as provided in Title 70, chapter 30, or receive by gift either real or personal property that is necessary to carry out its public assistance functions. Title to property obtained under this subsection must be taken in the name of the state of Montana for the use and benefit of the department.

(b) contract with the federal government to carry out its public assistance functions and comply with requirements for receiving federal aid and assistance; and

(c) make rules, consistent with state and federal law, establishing the amount, scope, and duration of services to be provided to recipients of public assistance.

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