Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. General Provisions

Legislative Findings

53-3-115. Legislative findings. (1) The legislature finds that in order to use the limited resources of the state for the purposes of providing public assistance to persons whom it has determined are in need, certain programs must be eliminated and the provision of public assistance programs must be reorganized for more efficient delivery of services.

(2) The legislature finds that county governments are in the best position to efficiently and effectively deliver services for those in need who are not otherwise eligible for similar services provided by the department of public health and human services.

(3) (a) The legislature finds that the needs of persons who are aged, infirm, or misfortunate are adequately and appropriately provided for through the following programs:

(i) medicaid;

(ii) cash assistance, as defined in 53-2-902;

(iii) food stamps;

(iv) commodities; and

(v) low-income energy assistance.

(b) The legislature further finds that the counties may in their discretion provide other programs of public assistance that they determine are appropriate and that may be funded with money derived from a county mill levy.

(4) The legislature finds that the effects of eliminating the state program of general relief are not known and that the administration and financing of public assistance programs by each county may not provide uniform assistance throughout the state.

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