Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Community-Based Services

Responsibilities Of Department

53-20-203. Responsibilities of department. The department shall:

(1) take cognizance of matters affecting the citizens of the state who are persons with developmental disabilities;

(2) initiate a preventive developmental disabilities program that must include but not be limited to the implementation of developmental disabilities care, treatment, prevention, and research as can best be accomplished by community-centered services. Every means must be used to initiate and operate the service program in cooperation with local agencies under the provisions of 53-20-205.

(3) collect and disseminate information relating to developmental disabilities;

(4) prepare an annual comprehensive plan for the initiation and maintenance of developmental disabilities services in the state. The services must include but not be limited to community comprehensive developmental disabilities services as listed in 53-20-202(1).

(5) provide by rule for the evaluation of:

(a) persons who apply for services;

(b) persons admitted into a program at a developmental disability facility; and

(c) persons residing at or released from the Montana developmental center into a community home, in accordance with the requirements established in 53-20-225;

(6) carry out the review of administrative rules, policies, and procedures provided for in 53-20-215 and take the steps necessary to eliminate or change a rule, policy, or procedure found by the review to be unnecessary, duplicative, or in need of revision, including applying for any amendments to medicaid waivers;

(7) receive from agencies of the government of the United States and other agencies, persons or groups of persons, associations, firms, or corporations grants of money, receipts from fees, gifts, supplies, materials, and contributions to initiate and maintain developmental disabilities services within the state;

(8) require that habilitation plans be developed, implemented, and continuously maintained for all persons with developmental disabilities who are served through a community-based program funded by the state; and

(9) use funds available for cases in which special medical or material assistance is necessary to rehabilitate children with developmental disabilities or children with physical disabilities if the assistance is not otherwise provided for by law.

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