Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Administration by Department of Public Health and Human Services

Powers And Duties Of Department

53-24-204. Powers and duties of department. (1) To carry out this chapter, the department may:

(a) accept gifts, grants, and donations of money and property from public and private sources;

(b) enter into contracts; and

(c) acquire and dispose of property.

(2) The department shall:

(a) approve treatment facilities as provided for in 53-24-208;

(b) prepare a comprehensive long-term state chemical dependency plan every 4 years and update this plan each biennium;

(c) provide for and conduct statewide service system evaluations;

(d) distribute state and federal funds to the counties for approved treatment programs in accordance with the provisions of 53-24-108 and 53-24-206;

(e) plan in conjunction with approved programs and provide for training of program personnel delivering services to persons with a chemical dependency;

(f) establish criteria to be used for the development of new programs;

(g) provide planning for the optimal use of funds by increasing efficiency of services, ensuring existing needs are met, and encouraging rural counties to form multicounty districts or contract with urban programs for services;

(h) cooperate with the board of pardons and parole in establishing and conducting programs to provide treatment for intoxicated persons and persons with a chemical dependency in or on parole from penal institutions;

(i) establish standards for chemical dependency educational courses provided by state-approved treatment programs and approve or disapprove the courses;

(j) hold all state-approved facilities, programs, and providers to uniform standards as established by the department by rule; and

(k) assist all interested public agencies and private organizations in developing education and prevention programs for chemical dependency.

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