Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 5. Taxes, Fees, and Fees in Lieu of Taxes

Permanent Registration -- Transfer Of Light Vehicle Ownership -- Rules

61-3-562. Permanent registration -- transfer of light vehicle ownership -- rules. (1) (a) The owner of a light vehicle 11 years old or older subject to the registration fee, as provided in 61-3-321(2), may permanently register the light vehicle upon payment of an $87.50 registration fee, the applicable registration and license fees under 61-3-412, if applicable, the administrative fee and the annual one-time-only donation fee for a generic specialty license plate under 61-3-480 or collegiate license plates under 61-3-465, the fee provided for in 61-3-573 for an electric vehicle or a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, if applicable, and an amount equal to five times the local option motor vehicle tax or flat fee on vehicles under 61-3-537 and, as applicable, either:

(i) (A) the original fee and four times the renewal fee for personalized plates; or

(B) five times the renewal fees for personalized plates; or

(ii) if a new set of license plates is not being issued, an insurance verification fee of $5, which must be deposited in the account established under 61-6-158.

(b) The following series of license plates may not be used for purposes of permanent registration of a light vehicle:

(i) Montana national guard license plates issued under 61-3-458(2)(b);

(ii) reserve armed forces license plates issued under 61-3-458(2)(c); and

(iii) amateur radio operator license plates issued under 61-3-422.

(2) In addition to the fees described in subsection (1), an owner of a truck with a manufacturer's rated capacity of 1 ton or less that is permanently registered shall pay five times the applicable fees imposed under 61-10-201.

(3) The owner of a motor vehicle that is permanently registered under this section is not subject to additional registration fees or to other motor vehicle registration fees described in this section for as long as the owner owns the vehicle.

(4) The county treasurer shall once each month remit to the state the amounts collected under this section, other than the local option motor vehicle tax or flat fee and the fee collected pursuant to 61-3-573, for the purposes of 61-3-321(2) and 61-10-201. The county treasurer shall retain the local option motor vehicle tax or flat fee. The county treasurer or an authorized agent shall transmit the fee collected pursuant to 61-3-573 to the state as provided in 15-1-504 for deposit to the credit of the department in the highway restricted account provided for in 15-70-126.

(5) (a) The permanent registration of a light vehicle allowed by this section may not be transferred to a new owner. If the light vehicle is transferred to a new owner, the department shall cancel the light vehicle's permanent registration.

(b) Upon transfer of a light vehicle registered under this section to a new owner, the new owner shall apply for a certificate of title under 61-3-201 and 61-3-216 and register the light vehicle under 61-3-303.

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