Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. Dealers

Wholesaler Restrictions -- Demonstrator Plates -- Annual Report

61-4-125. Wholesaler restrictions -- demonstrator plates -- annual report. (1) The retail sale of used vehicles by a wholesaler is prohibited.

(2) Wholesalers may not be issued or use dealer plates, as provided in 61-4-102. However, a wholesaler may be issued demonstrator plates, as provided in 61-4-129, for use on any type of motor vehicle or trailer that a wholesaler is authorized to sell. To the extent not inconsistent with this section, use of wholesaler demonstrator plates is otherwise governed by 61-4-129.

(3) (a) On or before the 15th day of the month prior to the dealer license expiration month, a wholesaler shall submit an annual report, in a form or manner prescribed by the department, to the department to advise the department of any changes that may have occurred in that calendar year affecting the information originally filed under 61-4-101. The report must contain information concerning owner identity, other ownership interests, felony conduct, general liability insurance status, surety bond filings, and any other relevant information requested by the department. A $30 filing fee must be submitted with the report.

(b) If a wholesaler seeks to change the applicant's name, ownership interest in the business, corporate officer or managing member of the business entity, or a person designated by the applicant to manage or oversee the applicant's business, the wholesaler shall also provide a new license application as originally required under 61-4-101 and the department shall examine the license application as required under 61-4-101.

(c) Additionally, the wholesaler shall certify, under penalty of law, that the wholesaler sold 12 or more motor vehicles, power sports vehicles, or trailers to a dealer, an auto auction, or another wholesaler during the calendar year for which the annual report is filed. A wholesaler who was licensed for less than a full calendar year shall certify, under penalty of law, to the sale of an average of at least one motor vehicle, power sports vehicle, or trailer a calendar month or portion of a calendar month during which the license was in effect.

(d) A wholesaler who cannot, under penalty of law, certify the number of motor vehicle sales required under subsection (3)(c) shall pay a fee of $25 in addition to the filing fee required in subsection (3)(a).

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