Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 2. Gross Vehicle Weight Licensing Requirements


61-10-214. Exemptions. (1) Motor vehicles operating exclusively for transportation of persons for hire within the limits of incorporated cities or towns and within 15 miles from the limits are exempt from this part.

(2) Motor vehicles brought or driven into Montana by a nonresident, migratory, bona fide agricultural worker temporarily employed in agricultural work in this state when those motor vehicles are used exclusively for transportation of agricultural workers are exempt from this part.

(3) Vehicles lawfully displaying a dealer's or wholesaler's plate as provided in 61-4-102 and 61-4-125 are exempt from this part for a period not to exceed 7 days when moving to or from a dealer's or wholesaler's place of business when unloaded or loaded with dealer's or wholesaler's property only or while being demonstrated in the course of the dealer's or wholesaler's business. Vehicles being demonstrated may not be leased, rented, or operated for compensation by the licensed dealer or wholesaler.

(4) Vehicles exempt from property tax under 15-6-201(1)(a), (1)(d), (1)(e), (1)(g), (1)(h), (1)(i), (1)(k), (1)(l), (1)(n), or (1)(o) or 15-6-228(4) are exempt from this part. The department of transportation may require documentation of tax-exempt status from the department of revenue before granting this exemption.

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