Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Act

Loan Conditions

75-6-224. Loan conditions. (1) Upon approval of an application by the department, the department of natural resources and conservation may lend amounts on deposit in the revolving fund to a public water system to pay part or all of the cost of a project. The loan is subject to the applicant complying with the following conditions:

(a) meeting requirements of financial capability set by the department of natural resources and conservation to ensure sufficient revenue to operate and maintain the project for its useful life and to repay the loan, including the establishment of a dedicated source of revenue and the establishment and maintenance by the applicant of a reserve or revolving fund to secure the payment of principal of and interest on the loan to the extent permitted by the applicable law governing the public water system or the applicant's financial authority;

(b) in the case of a system owned by a private person, in addition to establishing a dedicated source of revenue, which may include the pledge of accounts receivable, providing, as required by the department of natural resources and conservation, credit enhancements, a pledge of collateral, or other types of security, such as a corporate or personal guarantee;

(c) agreeing to operate and maintain the project properly over its structural and material design life, which may not be less than the term of the loan;

(d) agreeing to maintain proper financial records in accordance with generally accepted accounting standards and agreeing that all records are subject to audit;

(e) meeting the requirements listed in the federal act for projects constructed with funds directly made available by federal capitalization grants;

(f) providing legal assurance that all necessary property titles, easements, and rights-of-way have been obtained to construct, operate, and maintain the project;

(g) submitting an engineering report evaluating the proposed project, including information demonstrating its cost-effectiveness and environmental information necessary for the department and the department of natural resources and conservation to fulfill their responsibilities under the Montana Environmental Policy Act and rules adopted to implement that act;

(h) complying with plan, specification, and other requirements for public water systems established by the department;

(i) providing for proper construction inspection and project management; and

(j) meeting requirements of financial, managerial, and technical capability to maintain compliance with the federal act.

(2) Each loan, unless prepaid, is payable subject to the limitations of the federal act, with interest paid in annual or more frequent installments.

(3) (a) Subject to the limitations of the federal act, the interest rate on a loan must ensure that the interest payments on the loan and on other outstanding loans will be sufficient, if timely paid in full, with other available funds in the revolving fund, including investment income, to enable the state to pay the principal of and interest on the bonds issued pursuant to 75-6-225.

(b) The interest rate may include any additional rate that the department of natural resources and conservation considers reasonable or necessary to provide a reserve for the repayment of the loans. The additional rate may be fixed or variable, may be calculated according to a formula, and may differ from the rate established for any other loan. Once the reserve has been established at a level considered by the department to be reasonable and prudent for the amount of the loans outstanding, the department may use excess reserve payments to make grants to aid in the feasibility of projects.

(4) Each loan must be evidenced by a bond, note, or other evidence of indebtedness of the borrower, in a form prescribed or approved by the department of natural resources and conservation, except that the bond, note, or other evidence must include provisions required by the federal act and must be consistent with the provisions of this part. The bond, note, or other evidence is not required to be identical for all loans.

(5) As a condition to making a loan, the department of natural resources and conservation, with the concurrence of the department, may impose a reasonable administrative fee that may be paid from the proceeds of the loan or other available funds of the municipality or private person. Administrative fees may be deposited:

(a) in a special administrative costs account that the department of natural resources and conservation may create for that purpose outside the revolving fund provided for in 75-6-211; or

(b) in the administrative account provided for in 75-6-211. In determining into which account the administrative fees are deposited, the department shall take into consideration the needs and requirements of the programs. Money deposited in the special administrative costs account or the administration account must be used for the payment of administrative costs of the program.

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