Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 1. Plans, Funds, and Administration

Public Policies

75-10-102. Public policies. (1) To implement this part, the following are declared to be public policies of this state:

(a) Maximum recycling from solid waste is necessary to protect the public health, welfare, and quality of the natural environment.

(b) Solid waste management systems must be developed, financed, planned, designed, constructed, and operated for the benefit of the people of this state.

(c) Private industry is to be utilized to the maximum extent possible in planning, designing, managing, constructing, operating, manufacturing, and marketing functions related to solid waste management systems.

(d) Local governments shall retain primary responsibility for adequate solid waste management with the state preserving those functions necessary to ensure effective solid waste management systems throughout the state.

(e) Costs for the management and regulation of solid waste management systems should be charged to those persons generating solid waste in order to encourage the reduction of the solid waste stream.

(f) Encouragement and support should be given to individuals and municipalities to separate solid waste at its source in order to maximize the value of those wastes for reuse.

(g) The state shall provide technical advisory assistance to local governments and other affected persons in the planning, developing, financing, and implementation of solid waste management systems.

(h) Actions and activities performed or carried out by persons and their contractors in accordance with this part must be in conformity with the state solid waste management and resource recovery plan.

(i) When licensing a solid waste management system, the department shall consult with units of local government that have jurisdiction over the area encompassing the proposed system.

(2) This part is in addition and supplemental to any other law providing for the financing of a solid waste management system and does not amend or repeal any other law.

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