Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Provision of Fire Protection Services

Costs For Protection From Fire

76-13-201. Costs for protection from fire. (1) An owner of land classified as forest land that is within a wildland fire protection district or that is otherwise under contract for fire protection by a recognized agency is subject to the fees for fire protection provided in this section.

(2) The department shall provide fire protection to the land described in subsection (1) at a cost to the landowner of not more than $50 for each landowner in the protection district and of not more than an additional 30 cents per acre per year for each acre in excess of 20 acres owned by each landowner in each protection district, as necessary to yield the amount of money provided for in 76-13-207. Assessment, payment, and collection of the fire protection costs must be in accordance with 76-13-207.

(3) Other charges may not be assessed to a participating landowner except in cases of proved negligence on the part of the landowner or the landowner's agent or in the event of a violation of 50-63-103.

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