Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Provision of Fire Protection Services

Determination And Collection Of Costs Of Fire Protection

76-13-207. Determination and collection of costs of fire protection. (1) The department shall prepare an annual operation assessment plan in which fire protection costs are determined. The department shall request the legislature to appropriate the state's portion of the cost. After the appropriation is made by the legislature, the department shall cause an assessment to be made on the owners of land, as specified in 76-13-105 and 76-13-201, sufficient to bring the total amount received from the landowners to no greater than one-third of the amount specified in the appropriation.

(2) On or before the first Tuesday in September of each year, the department shall certify in writing to the department of revenue the names of these owners of lands in each county, together with a description of their lands and a statement of the amount found to be due and owing by each of the owners to the department for wildland fire protection.

(3) Upon receiving the certificate from the department showing the amount due, the department of revenue shall extend the amounts upon the county tax rolls covering the lands, and the sums become obligations of the owner, to be paid and collected in the same manner and at the same time and subject to the same penalties as general state and county taxes upon the same property are collected.

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