Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 10. Aquatic Invasive Species

Upper Columbia Conservation Commission -- Purpose And Duties

80-7-1026. Upper Columbia conservation commission -- purpose and duties. (1) The purpose of the upper Columbia conservation commission, established in 2-15-3310, is to protect the aquatic environment in tributaries to the Columbia River from the threat of invasive species.

(2) The commission shall:

(a) monitor the condition of aquatic resources in the tributaries to the Columbia River and coordinate development of an annual monitoring plan. The plan must use a cooperative strategy among all water management agencies within the Columbia River basin in Montana and identify monitoring specific to invasive species threats.

(b) encourage the close cooperation and coordination between federal, state, regional, tribal, and local water resource managers for establishment of comprehensive monitoring, data collection, and interpretation;

(c) encourage and work for international cooperation and coordination between the state of Montana and the Canadian province of British Columbia;

(d) develop and implement an invasive species education and outreach strategy specifically for the upper Columbia River basin in Montana;

(e) encourage economic development by reducing threats from invasive species and conducting restoration and infestation control measures;

(f) provide an annual report of the following to the governor, the director of the department of natural resources and conservation, and the environmental quality council in accordance with 5-11-210:

(i) a summary of information gathered in fulfillment of its duties under this section;

(ii) information on monitoring activities within the portions of the Columbia River basin occurring in Montana;

(iii) an accounting of all money received and expended by source and purpose for the period since the last report; and

(g) meet at least biennially, alternating the meeting site between the cities of Kalispell and Missoula.

(3) The commission may make recommendations to the governor and to federal, state, tribal, provincial, regional, and local agencies for reducing threats from invasive species and for conducting restoration and infestation control measures.

(4) The commission may receive and, subject to appropriation by the legislature, expend donations, gifts, grants, and other money necessary to fulfill its duties.

History: En. Sec. 6, Ch. 348, L. 2017; amd. Sec. 110, Ch. 261, L. 2021.