Montana Code Annotated 2017



Part 10. Aquatic Invasive Species

Upper Columbia Pilot Program -- Rulemaking

80-7-1027. (Temporary) Upper Columbia pilot program -- rulemaking. The Flathead basin commission established in 2-15-3330 shall administer a pilot program within the Flathead basin, as defined in 75-7-303, to enhance protections in the basin against invasive species and may:

(1) within or adjacent to the Flathead basin, use certification stations that may provide voluntary inspections and decontamination of vessels but at which vessels are not required to stop. Certification stations may be operated by government or private entities that are trained, certified, and monitored for quality assurance by the Flathead basin commission.

(2) band or track vessels that have been inspected, require decontamination, or are certified by the department of fish, wildlife, and parks for local use;

(3) implement a boat sticker program to raise funds for prevention efforts;

(4) use automated inspection and detection devices; and

(5) pursuant to 2-4-315, petition the fish and wildlife commission to adopt rules for the Flathead basin, including but not limited to rules that:

(a) require inspection of all vessels before they are launched;

(b) close launch sites, as needed;

(c) prohibit or restrict certain vessels and equipment, such as waterborne planes, ballast boats, and aquatic weed harvesters, from use on specific or all water bodies within the basin;

(d) prohibit or restrict certain types of dead and live bait; and

(e) close waters where invasive mussels have been detected until a containment strategy can be implemented. (Terminates June 30, 2019--sec. 18, Ch. 348, L. 2017.)

History: En. Sec. 7, Ch. 348, L. 2017.