Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. General Administration

Advisory Council

80-8-108. Advisory council. (1) (a) The director of agriculture may appoint an advisory council to study and make recommendations on special pesticide problems in the state. The council consists of individuals representing, equally, the controlled industry, agriculture, health, and wildlife.

(b) Governmental personnel, university personnel not included, may not be represented on the council. Governmental personnel shall meet with the council in an advisory capacity when requested by the council.

(c) The council may not exceed 12 members.

(d) The director of agriculture shall establish the time period in which the council shall exist. The time period may not exceed 2 years.

(2) The department of agriculture shall provide the necessary administrative, secretarial, and other essential support to the council.

(3) Each member of the council is entitled to compensation as provided in 2-15-122 for each day spent in the performance of duties and must be reimbursed for travel expenses as provided in 2-18-501 through 2-18-503.

(4) The council may request that the department hold a public hearing to assist it in gathering factual data and information on the special problems assigned it.

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