Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. General Administration

Notice -- Public Information

80-8-107. Notice -- public information. (1) As used in this section, the following definitions apply:

(a) "Building operator" means the owner, the owner's agent, or the building manager of any public building or, in the case of a public building that is leased to a tenant who is responsible for the operation of the building, the tenant or the tenant's building manager.

(b) "Public building" means a building that is owned or leased by a public agency, as defined in 18-1-101, and that is open to the public, including but not limited to:

(i) a building that is used for educational, office, or institutional purposes; or

(ii) a library, museum, school, hospital, auditorium, dormitory, or university building.

(2) The building operator who for indoor treatment personally applies or who contracts for or orders the application of a pesticide, excluding an antimicrobial, a disinfectant, a sanitizer, a pest bait, paste, or gel, or other pesticide that is designated by the department pursuant to 80-8-212 for retail sale, shall post a notice at each access to the public building or, if only a room has been treated, at each access to the room in a manner that allows the notice to be read before entering the building or room. However, if a room from which a heating or air-conditioning system draws air has been treated, the notice required by this section must be posted at each access to the public building. The notice must:

(a) be permanently displayed if the pesticide is applied on a regular basis;

(b) be posted at the time of the application if the pesticide is not applied on a regular basis;

(c) contain the name of the pesticide applied; and

(d) contain the phone number at which a person may obtain information, the label, and the material safety data sheet on the pesticide applied.

(3) The applicator or building operator may not remove a notice posted pursuant to this section until the pesticide is dry or the reentry interval stated on the pesticide label has expired, whichever is later.

(4) A building operator shall keep, for 2 years, records of the pesticide applications and the material safety data sheet for each pesticide.

(5) A local government may not adopt standards that are more stringent than the standards established in subsections (2) through (4).

(6) (a) Except as provided in Title 80, chapter 15, the department may, alone or in cooperation with other state or federal agencies, publish information regarding aspects of the use and application sections or registration sections of this chapter. This information may not disclose operations of selling, production, or use of pesticides by any person.

(b) When designating a pesticide as a state restricted-use pesticide, the department shall list the state restricted-use pesticide by rule.

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