Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Registration and Licensing


80-8-207. Dealers. (1) A person may not sell, offer for sale, deliver, or have delivered within the state a pesticide without first obtaining a license from the department for each calendar year or portion of a year. A separate dealer's license and fee is required for each location or outlet from which pesticides are distributed, sold, held for sale, or offered for sale. Pesticide field personnel or salespeople employed directly out of the same location or outlet and under a licensed dealer are not required to obtain a license. The dealer shall furnish the department with the names and addresses of the dealer's field personnel and salespeople selling pesticides within the state.

(2) The department shall require an applicant for a dealer's license to show, upon written examination, that the person possesses adequate knowledge related to the responsibilities of a pesticide dealer. Licensed dealers are not required to repeat an examination to renew their license provided they have earned the required recertification credits for renewal of that license.

(3) The application for a license must be accompanied by a fee of $75. A dealer applying for renewal of a license shall apply on or before March 1 of the calendar year. A dealer applying for renewal of a license after March 1 must be assessed a $25 late licensing fee.

(4) The dealer shall require the purchaser of a restricted pesticide to exhibit the purchaser's license or permit issued under authority of this chapter, or the dealer may verify, under procedures authorized by the department, the purchaser's license or permit through a department list or by electronic means before completing a sale. The department may adopt rules concerning dealer verification of licenses and permits.

(5) The department shall assess an additional annual license fee of $10 on dealers to fund the waste pesticide and pesticide container collection, disposal, and recycling program. The department may by rule adjust the disposal fee to maintain adequate funding for the administration of the waste pesticide and pesticide container collection, disposal, and recycling program. The fee may not be less than $10 a year or more than $15 a year. Fees collected under this subsection must be deposited in an account in the state special revenue fund pursuant to 80-8-112.

(6) Pharmacists licensed as provided for in 37-7-302, veterinarians licensed as provided for in 37-18-302, veterinary dispensing technicians registered as provided in 37-18-806, and certified pharmacies licensed under 37-7-321 are not required to be licensed to sell pesticides if the certified pharmacies and veterinarians register with the department each year. However, the certified pharmacies and veterinarians must meet all other requirements concerning the commercial sale of pesticides. The department shall take into account the professional licensing requirements of pharmacists, certified pharmacies, and veterinarians when adopting rules.

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