Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Registration and Licensing

Revocation Of Licenses And Permits

80-8-211. Revocation of licenses and permits. (1) The department shall establish the policy and procedures on the revocation of licenses or permits. The department may refuse to grant or renew or may revoke or modify a license or permit, as the case may require, when the department is satisfied that the licensee or permittee is not qualified to sell, use, or apply pesticides under the conditions in the locality in which the licensee or permittee operates or has operated or that the licensee or permittee has committed any of the following acts, each of which is considered a violation of this chapter:

(a) made false or fraudulent claims or recommendations through any media misrepresenting the effect of materials or methods to be used;

(b) applied or sold unapproved or illegal materials or applied or sold a pesticide without possessing a current and appropriate license or permit;

(c) operated in a faulty, careless, or negligent manner;

(d) operated faulty or unsafe equipment;

(e) refused or neglected to comply with the provisions of this chapter, rules adopted under this chapter, or any lawful order of the department;

(f) refused or neglected to keep and maintain the records required by this chapter or to make reports when and as required;

(g) made false or fraudulent records or reports;

(h) operated equipment for the commercial application of a pesticide without having a license or permit;

(i) used fraud or misrepresentation in making an application for a license or permit or renewal of a license or permit;

(j) used or applied a registered pesticide inconsistent with its labeling or the label or the department restrictions on the use of that pesticide;

(k) made false or misleading statements in connection with a pest inspection of land, crops, yards, or any premises in an attempt to induce any person to engage the licensee's or permittee's services to eliminate, control, or mitigate the alleged pest or made false or misleading statements concerning the effectiveness of any pesticide or its application;

(l) failed to satisfy a judgment entered against the licensee or permittee as a result of a complaint concerning the use of a pesticide.

(2) Decisions of the department relating to the issuing of licenses or permits may be appealed.

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