Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Registration and Licensing

Retail Sale Of Pesticides -- Education Program

80-8-212. Retail sale of pesticides -- education program. (1) The department of agriculture is authorized to designate the pesticides that may be sold in this state at retail for home, yard, garden, and lawn use. Only pesticides so designated may be sold at retail. The department may also limit the retail sale of such designated pesticides to quantities up to a specific number of pounds or gallons and of such concentrations as would be sublethal to humans and animals if small amounts thereof were accidentally swallowed, inhaled, sprayed, or dusted on the skin.

(2) Subject to the availability of funds, the department and the Montana state university-Bozeman extension service shall enter into a cooperative agreement to establish an education program for retailers and the general public on pests, pesticides, and alternative control methods.

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