Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 1. General Provisions

Guaranteed Analysis

80-10-102. Guaranteed analysis. (1) Guaranteed analysis is the minimum percentage of plant nutrients claimed in the following order and form:

(a) The following plant nutrients must be guaranteed:

Total nitrogen (N) %

Available phosphate (P2O5) %

Soluble potash (K2O) %

(b) For unacidulated mineral phosphatic materials and basic slag, bone, tankage, and other organic phosphatic materials, the total phosphate and degree of fineness may also be guaranteed.

(c) Guarantees for plant nutrients other than nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium may be permitted or required by rules adopted by the department. The guarantees for other nutrients must be expressed in the form of the element. The sources of other nutrients, including but not limited to oxides, salt, and chelates, may be required to be stated on the application for registration and may be included on the label. Other beneficial substances or compounds, determinable by laboratory methods, also may be guaranteed by permission of the department. When any plant nutrients or other substances or compounds are guaranteed, they are subject to inspection and analysis in accordance with the methods and regulations prescribed by the department.

(d) Potential basicity or acidity expressed in terms of calcium carbonate equivalent in multiples of 100 pounds per ton must be guaranteed when required by regulation.

(2) Soil amendments must guarantee each soil amending ingredient and the total other ingredients in terms approved by the department or set forth in rules issued by the department. Soil amendments must also meet any other requirements established by department rule.

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