Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Licensing and Registration


80-10-201. Registration. (1) (a) Each brand and grade of fertilizer and each soil amendment except unmanipulated animal or vegetable manures must be registered by the manufacturer or the supplier on behalf of the manufacturer before distribution in this state. The application for registration must be submitted to the department on a form approved by the department and must be accompanied by:

(i) a nonrefundable fee of $20 per grade for each fertilizer and for each soil amendment;

(ii) a nonrefundable fee of $35 for each specialty fertilizer; and

(iii) a fee of $10 for each commercial and specialty fertilizer to be used for ground water protection, as required in 80-15-302(3).

(b) Upon approval, the department shall furnish a copy of the registration to the applicant. All registrations expire on December 31 of each year.

(2) (a) The application for registration must include:

(i) the brand and grade;

(ii) the guaranteed analysis;

(iii) the source of each plant food element guaranteed;

(iv) the name and address of the registrant;

(v) the net weight for packaged products;

(vi) an electronic copy of each label and labeling when requested by the department; and

(vii) analytical information on nutrient ingredients and nonnutrient ingredients as required by rule.

(b) The department shall require the applicant to furnish replicated data, performed by a reputable investigator whose work is recognized as acceptable by the director of the agricultural experiment station or the director's designee, verifying any claims for effectiveness or agricultural value of any fertilizer or soil amendment product that is not generally recognized as having the values claimed at the use rates recommended.

(3) A licensee is not required to register any brand and grade of commercial fertilizer that is already registered under this section by another person.

(4) Registration is not required for custom blends resulting from blending of registered products.

(5) A manufacturer or supplier may not register a product until full payment of the assessment fees provided for in 80-10-103 and 80-10-207 has been received by the department for each product.

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