Montana Code Annotated 2023



Part 2. Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks

Upland Game Bird Enhancement Program -- Advisory Council

87-1-251. Upland game bird enhancement program -- advisory council. (1) There is an upland game bird citizens' advisory council consisting of 12 members appointed by the director and serving staggered 4-year terms. The 12 members must include a public member representing each of the department's administrative regions. Council membership must include:

(a) an upland game bird hunter;

(b) a local chamber of commerce representative;

(c) a conservationist;

(d) an upland game bird biologist;

(e) at least two landowners, one of whom must be enrolled in the block management program; and

(f) a senator and a representative from different political parties.

(2) The council shall meet at least once each year but not more than once each month as necessary to:

(a) advise the department on the development and maintenance of a 10-year strategic plan that at a minimum:

(i) defines quantifiable goals, objectives, and performance measurements for the upland game bird enhancement program based on need by administrative region, taking into consideration any biological, recreational, or economic benefit, including the prioritization of at-risk upland game bird species and their associated habitats;

(ii) establishes regional and statewide priorities for the development of upland game bird habitat based on land management needs, sustaining upland game bird populations, and landowner input;

(iii) prioritizes resource allocation, including funding and personnel, in accordance with objectives and goals established pursuant to this subsection (2)(a);

(iv) promotes landowner outreach and relations with both private and public landowners;

(v) provides for the ongoing monitoring of, access to, and signage for upland game bird enhancement projects, as well as the renewal or replacement of expiring projects; and

(vi) develops strategies to ensure the effective release of upland game birds and use of funding for upland game bird releases; and

(b) provide ongoing monitoring of upland game bird enhancement program activities, including but not limited to receipt from the department of an annual:

(i) activity report to evaluate whether objectives, goals, and performance measurements established pursuant to subsection (2)(a) are being met or are expected to be met;

(ii) financial report, providing a summary of revenue and expenditures for the upland game bird enhancement program and any unreserved balance remaining at the end of the fiscal year from fees collected pursuant to 87-1-246; and

(iii) report reviewing whether upland game bird enhancement project contracts are in compliance with 87-1-248 and rules adopted pursuant to 87-1-249.

(3) The council may recommend rules for adoption by the department.

(4) Each member of the council is entitled to receive compensation as provided in 2-15-122 and travel expenses as provided in 2-18-501 through 2-18-503 for each day spent on official council business. Council members who conduct official council business in their city of residence are entitled to receive a midday meal allowance as provided in 2-18-502.

(5) The department shall provide administrative support as necessary to assist the advisory council in its duties pursuant to this section.

History: En. Sec. 3, Ch. 306, L. 2009; amd. Sec. 8, Ch. 603, L. 2023.