Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 5. Game Animal Licenses

Nonresident Relative Of Resident Allowed To Purchase Nonresident Licenses At Reduced Cost -- Definitions

87-2-514. Nonresident relative of resident allowed to purchase nonresident licenses at reduced cost -- definitions. (1) For the purposes of this section, the following definitions apply:

(a) "Nonresident relative of a resident" means a person born in Montana who is the natural or adoptive child, sibling, or parent of a resident but is not a resident.

(b) "Resident" means a resident as defined in 87-2-102.

(2) Except as otherwise provided in this chapter, a nonresident relative of a resident who meets the qualifications of subsection (4) may purchase the following at one-half the cost:

(a) a Class B nonresident fishing license;

(b) a Class B-1 nonresident upland game bird license;

(c) one of the following:

(i) a Class B-10 nonresident big game combination license;

(ii) a Class B-11 nonresident deer combination license; or

(iii) a nonresident elk-only combination license;

(d) if available:

(i) a Class B-8 nonresident deer B tag;

(ii) a Class B-12 nonresident antlerless elk B tag license.

(3) Class B-10 and Class B-11 licenses sold pursuant to subsection (2) are not included in the limit on the number of available Class B-10 and Class B-11 licenses issued pursuant to 87-2-505 and 87-2-510. Nonresident elk-only combination licenses sold pursuant to subsection (2) are in addition to nonresident elk-only combination licenses available for sale pursuant to 87-2-511.

(4) To qualify for a license pursuant to subsection (2), a nonresident relative of a resident shall apply at any department regional office or at the department's state office in Helena and present proof of the following:

(a) a birth certificate verifying the applicant's birth in Montana or documentation that the applicant was born to parents who were residents at the time of birth;

(b) evidence that the person previously held a Montana resident hunting or fishing license or has passed a hunter safety and education course in Montana pursuant to 87-2-105; and

(c) proof that the applicant is a nonresident relative of a resident.

(5) Of the fee paid for a hunting license purchased pursuant to subsection (2), 28.5% must be deposited in the account established in 87-1-290.

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