Montana Code Annotated 2021



Part 5. Game Animal Licenses

Supplemental Game Damage License -- Terms And Conditions

87-2-520. Supplemental game damage license -- terms and conditions. (1) If at any time the department determines, in conjunction with a landowner or a designated lessee acting as an agent for a landowner, that game animals on the property are causing a level of damage to crops or other vegetation that merits removal of a specific number of game animals or that the taking of a specific number of game animals is advisable for game management purposes, the department may issue nontransferable resident and nonresident supplemental game damage hunting licenses for game management purposes on the property.

(2) Supplemental game damage hunting licenses may be issued only for antlerless animals and may be issued only for use on lands eligible for game damage assistance pursuant to 87-1-225. A landowner may not charge a fee to a hunter using a license obtained pursuant to this section.

(3) Supplemental game damage licenses may be issued to hunters as an alternative to issuing a kill permit to a landowner.

(4) (a) In a hunting district with unlimited license quotas, a landowner may designate the resident supplemental game damage license recipient upon approval of issuance, including a recipient who has obtained an apprentice hunting certificate pursuant to 87-2-810.

(b) In a hunting district with limited permit quotas, a landowner may designate up to 75% of the resident supplemental game damage license recipients, with the remainder of the licenses offered to hunters in a manner prescribed by the department.

(5) If additional supplemental game damage licenses are available, the department may issue those licenses to resident and nonresident hunters.

(6) A licensee shall pay the regular license price or an adjusted price set by the commission for any supplemental game management license issued pursuant to subsection (1). Issuance of a supplemental game damage license authorizes the licensee to hunt, take, and possess the game animal designated on the license. All hunting under a supplemental game damage license must be conducted on the property designated on the license and in accordance with department regulations.

History: En. Sec. 1, Ch. 590, L. 2001; amd. Sec. 21, Ch. 449, L. 2015.